Question: How does the Manuel Belgrano scholarship work?

When do I collect the Manuel Belgrano scholarship?

The beneficiaries will collect the amounts corresponding to the July fee, plus the retroactive amounts for April and May. During the month of September, they will also receive the fees corresponding to the month of August together with the retroactive payment for June.

When is the Manuel Belgrano 2021 scholarship paid?

The payments of the Scholarship are monthly in arrears and the months of April, May and June are will pay retroactively in two installments. That is to say, in August the beneficiaries will collect what corresponds to the month of July and the first installment of the retroactive payment.

How do I know if I have been awarded the Manuel Belgrano scholarship?

To find out the results of the Manuel Belgrano Scholarships you have which:

  1. Enter the official platform of the program: from Monday 26/07. …
  2. From the program the results will not be communicated to the students via email.

When is the second installment of the 2021 city scholarship collected?

The benefit payment se perform in two dues. The first se received within three months of the end of the enrollment period and consists of 50% of the allowance. The second installment receives until August 30 and consists of the remaining 50% of the amount of the scholarship.

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How do you know if you have been awarded the scholarship?

How and when i will know what is the resolution of my application scholarship? Once the application period has expired scholarshipduring the following months te We will communicate the resolution: te We will send an email with the notice that you can now consult the notification in the electronic office and download it.

How much is the progress scholarship 2021?

For general careers, the amounts vary, depending on the year in which the applicant is studying, from $2.250 to $2.700, and for strategic careers they range from $2.500 to $3.650.

How to register for Manuel Belgrano Scholarships?

La registration It can be done through the program website or by clicking here. It should be noted that the registration in this 2021 it closed on April 12 and a new one has not yet been announced registration.